Group Benefits

We have highlighted some features and have identified what our experience shows as the benefit to groups who choose to stay with us.

Feature Benefit
Free hot breakfast Reduce trip costs
Convenient, level and secure parking Easy for buses to access hotel when unloading and loading guests
Interior Entrances Safe and secure for youth groups and single travelers
Two sink vanities Your group can be ready quicker for the early morning activities
In-room coffee makers, hair dryers, irons & ironing boards Packing less for your trip, but all the comforts of home
In-room microwaves and refrigerators Storing and cooking of snacks or storage of medications
Concrete construction Peaceful, safe and quiet sleep
 Luggage service and pre-registration Expedited check in process
Meeting room and/or enclosed breakfast rooms Gathering for social time, registration for reunions or team meetings
 Industry Affiliations and Awards Provides confidence of the hospitality we can deliver
 Large breakfast rooms Ensuring groups to eat and get to their first morning activity